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Do You Need a Smart Bed? 0

Posted on 9, May 2018

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Do You Need a Smart Bed?/blog

There’s a commercial showing up on TV right now advertising a smart bed. “I don’t actually talk,” this bed remarks, “but I’m smart enough to.”

Do you want a sentient bed? A bed that could gossip about you? A bed that chats on video while you sleep?

This is not what I want in a bed.

But Rexroth has a smart machine bed that could make a big difference in manufacturing.

Sensors in a mechanical assemblage aren’t an obvious choice. Machine tools don’t usually need any particular level of intelligence — or so we thought. But Rexroth saw the potential in a smart machine bed.

Sensors are included in the casting step. They measure temperature and pressure, allowing fine tuning of the cooling water flow. Real time information allows precision — and that means increased energy efficiency as well as optimum temperature. When a slight change in temperature can cause materials changes, that precision is important.

The guide carriages of the axes are fitted with sensors checking temperature and vibration. This data allows correction before failure.

Who exactly is the machine bed communicating with, now that it’s smart enough to know these things? Human beings, certainly.

But Rexroth has also displayed the smart machine bed networked with a CNC machine. Between the two of them, they can now identify errors or deviations in workpieces (taking advantage of RFID labeling) immediately.

Machine tools that can communicate with machines, workpieces, and human operators — this integrates the whole factory, further reducing waste and error.

It’s also an excellent example of ways that Industry 4.0 can bring in legacy machinery and machine tools. A smart machine bed with integrated sensors is cool, but adding sensors to existing elements of your factory can extend the life of those components and increase their value.

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