Does Automation Really Cost Jobs?

We’re not convinced that automation leads to job loss. Or not to the loss of jobs people actually want. Dale Hansen made this point in a new way in a recent column:

Are there people clamoring for a return to using oxen to till the fields because it would create jobs? Think of all of increase in employment we could create if we just paid people to move products from the manufacturer to the seller using bicycles instead of those job killing semi-trucks.

Automation can free humans from dangerous, tedious work. It can make things like digging a garden by hand or riding a bike into fun, satisfying activities people freely choose, instead of backbreaking drudgery. It can make ideas into objects that everyone can have, not just a wealthy or talented few.

On the other hand, as the video at the top of this post points out, there are many current jobs that could be automated.

What can’t be?

* Jobs that require interpersonal skills.
* Jobs that require extreme manual dexterity.
* Jobs that require problem solving.
* Jobs that require collaboration.

We have ace interpersonal skills. We use significant manual dexterity. We’re excellent at problem solving and collaboration. And we can provide support for your legacy Indramat motion control, so you can spend your time doing the human tasks you do instead of worrying about your robots.


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