Don’t Play Chicken with Rexroth Repairs

You know the game called “chicken”? It’s that pleasant little competition where two cars careen towards one another, inviting the prospect of a mutually destructive collision. The game really only works on a level playing field, however. Both parties must stand to lose something of equal value, and both parties must be equally motivated to concede. That’s why you shouldn’t play chicken with Rexroth repairs.

Playing a fool’s game

Chicken is a game in which it’s in both players’ best interest for someone to give up. If one of the drivers swerves out of the way, they lose, and they assume the title of “chicken”. However, if neither driver veers out of harm’s way, there are no chickens, and both players win (and most likely meet a premature death).

Either way, both players benefit if someone gives up. Even if a player gives up, they really win by getting to live to play chicken another day.

It’s difficult to imagine a scenario in which it actually makes sense to play chicken, but it makes even less sense when only one side stands to lose. For example, if you decide to stand defiantly on a railroad track and play chicken with an oncoming bullet train, the game breaks down. The train won’t be harmed if neither party yields, and that speeding train couldn’t stop in time if it wanted to.

Don’t wait until your Rexroth system requires repairs.

Playing chicken with Rexroth repairs is like playing chicken with a train. That train isn’t going to stop, and neither is that Rexroth fault code. Instead of waiting until the last minute, or past the last minute, step off the tracks and prevent the crash from ever happening.

There’s no point in pushing your luck with Rexroth repairs; you will lose every time. Don’t wait until you have a problem that brings your entire Rexroth system to a screeching halt. Stay ahead of breakdowns and error codes; replace wearing parts and defective components to prevent unscheduled downtime.

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