Drive & Control Academy

Rexroth’s Drive & Control Academy prepares workers for Industry 4.0, bringing the realities of working in a networked environment into the classroom — whether that’s a high school or university classroom or an apprenticeship environment.

Animated video e-training presents basic mechatronics and drive and control technology skills along with the high-level languages needed for programming, use of RFID and ERP systems, and MES systems.

Among the e-training options are virtual classrooms, distance learning programs with post-training exams, and simulations serving as virtual training labs. These e-learning and e-training options are available to everyone. It’s possible to try out several of these lessons in either English or German online before making a commitment to the Academy.

The hands-on components can work with a variety of machines, going all the way from production through logistics. Students will understand how workflow is affected by the Internet of Things and will have the skills needed for modern manufacturing.

Training systems begin with all the components needed to get hands-on experience complementing the e-training programs. Since Rexroth motion control is modular, it’s possible to add specific machinery as needed for specific training environments.

Rexroth also offers printed manuals, posters, and other traditional classroom items to support classroom learning.

Rexroth is investing in the future, not just in machinery but also in the human capital that will be required to make Industry 4.0 the norm around the world.

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