Drive Runaway Error

A runaway drive doesn’t sound like a good problem to have, and it’s not. So we felt sorry for the poor guy who called us this morning with a drive runaway error on his CLM/TDM feeder. “Drive runaway” means that your motor is running in the wrong direction.

Motors don’t change directions on their own. We had to ask what they’d been doing to that feeder. The motor was rebuilt, the poor guy tells us. We know the answer to the last question, but we still have to ask: “Who rebuilt the motor?”

We know the answer because the only good place to have a Rexroth motor rebuilt is at the factory. And a factory rebuild will never end up with a motor running backwards.

So we know that the answer will be one of a bevy of third party repair shops that advertise themselves as Indramat or Rexroth Specialists.

They undoubtedly are specialists in trying to repair drives and motors without having the proper parts, drawings, or testing protocols. Indramat doesn’t sell components to anyone, they support no repair companies, and there is no such thing as an Authorized Repair Center. Anyone who says otherwise is lying through their teeth.

The call devolved from there.

The plant manager was unhappy because he is still down, and now he also knows he got scammed. The engineering manager is unhappy because he chose the wrong outfit for the job. The plant employees are unhappy because they got sent home through no fault of their own.

We were unhappy, too, because you know that amount of anger had to be taken out on someone, and it was us, just because we happened to be on the phone.

We understand. If you’ve made the wrong choice of going with a third party repair shop, go ahead and call them and get all that anger out of your system. Then call us and get the job done right.

Better yet, call us in the first place. Get factory repair or reman for your ailing motor, and a very fast replacement part so your facility can get back up and running.

Everyone will be a lot happier.

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