Comparison Shopping at eBay?

We offer phone service, and when we can tell that the caller needs a new part, we can arrange that quickly over the phone. This reduces downtime and saves you a lot of dollars that would otherwise be burned away while your machinery is out of service.

Sometimes we get calls from people who have been “comparison shopping” for Rexroth electric motion control components. We get that. You want to practice good stewardship, even if your floor manager is still brushing sparks off his shirt. But when we hear price comparisons from eBay, we know we’re dealing with someone who is penny wise and pound foolish.

“It’s how much? I can get it on eBay for half that much!”

Our usual answer: go ahead. Good luck.

But we want you to know what you’re looking at when you try comparison shopping on eBay. It’s not really comparison shopping. You don’t comparison shop between a new car dealership and a junkyard.

Units on EBAY are salvaged units and worth nothing more than core value. We do too many repairs on “freshly remanufactured” units sent in after the buyer gets taken for a ride to believe otherwise. With decades of experience, we can tell you confidently not to bother opening the box. Just send it right in for reman.

Now let’s talk firmware. New units come with a blank firmware module to load the required firmware onto. That blank firmware module will cost you about $900, and you’ll still have to buy the firmware itself. Add that to the cost for the reman. The ;ast eBay comparison shopper we spoke with was looking at about $7,000.00 for his eBay “bargain.”

A new unit with firmware would be $8,767.76.

Timeframe for shipment of a new module might be longer than for an eBay junker. But remember that you’ll have to buy that component on Ebay, have it shipped to you, ship it in for standard repair, and have it shipped back. So if you could buy one on Ebay today (which you probably can’t — they don’t have the kind of inventory we do), you might save about 1700 bucks over buying a new unit in the first place.

For many eBay “comparison shoppers,” the timeframe is even worse, because they’ll spend days or weeks trying to make the junkyard solution work before they give up and do what they should have done in the first place. The cost of the process grows with more and more downtime, and the whole experience becomes one of those nightmares you can’t laugh about for decades.

Buying machinery for your factory on eBay is a gamble, not a sensible way to save money. Call us first and do it right in the first place. That’s the most economical approach.

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