Electric Servos Growing in Popularity

A major maker of thermoforming solutions recently switched to electric servo motors.


Using electric servo motors allowed them to remove a number of mechanical components, reducing the cost and the footprint of their machines. The switch led to a 40% increase in productivity, according to an article in Packaging World.

More manufacturers are making the change to electric servo motors.

Speed, power, and accuracy combined are the hallmarks of electric servo motors. In any situation where you want all three of these characteristics, electric servos will be the best choice.

Servo motors are also better in harsh environments. With increasing automation in food production, motors that will work well in a wash-down environment are key. Rexroth has motion control systems that will work in almost any environment, including potentially explosive ones.

Electric servos with permanent magnets offer a high level of efficiency. They can be monitored with inexpensive sensors that send data to a smartphone or tablet.

Cabinet-free motion control systems and single-cable designs offer greater flexibility, too.

All these innovations have been included in Rexroth servos for years. But manufacturing isn’t known for being nimble. We get plenty of calls from people who are still happily running legacy Rexroth servo motors from the 20th century.

Fortunately, you can add additional servos, combine components from different time depths, and configure modules to suit your specific needs.

We’re Rexroth electric industrial motion control specialists. With decades of experience, we can help with any Rexroth electric motion control needs, from legacy components to the newest innovations.

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