Emergency Repair for Indramat or Rexroth Equipment

cheetah_robotThe world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt, has got some new competition, the Cheetah robot made by Boston Dynamics. The Cheetah Robot is now the fastest legged land robot in the world at over 29 mph, smashing the previous record set in 1989 by MIT’s 13.1 mph record. Cheetah is a tethered robot, meaning that it’s held on the treadmill by a boom but its sibling, WildCat, is being developed to work completely autonomously in the field. Talk about a fast robot!

You’ll notice, in the video of the Cheetah robot below, that it fails at about 29 mph and essentially folds up on itself. Instead of letting it crash to its demise, the boom comes to the rescue and prevents the robot from being broken to bits by the treadmill.

Just like this speedy robot, you need to have safety measures in place to take care of your Indramat and Rexroth equipment when something goes wrong, in order to prevent damage and disaster.

Safety measures for your equipment are slightly different then routine maintenance because they come into play only when something goes wrong. They can be something simple like an emergency auto shutoff feature that cuts the electricity to a machine or something more complex like the boom in the video that actively intervenes to prevent disaster. Having a go-to Indramat and Rexroth repair shop you know you can call on when things start heading south is another good safety measure to have in place.

Instead of wasting precious time getting information to call around to different Indramat repair companies and see who’s the best, you’ll know who to call immediately when something starts to go wrong before it gets out of hand. Think about adding an Rexroth and Indramat repair company like us to your contacts. Just because you don’t have an emergency now doesn’t mean we wouldn’t be happy to speak with you about how our company can perform emergency repairs to your equipment and prevent far worse things from happening.

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