Employee Training: New Survey Has Bad News

U.S. manufacturers are in a race: can they replace skilled factory workers with robots before they all retire?

Part of the problem is that automation tends to replace unskilled labor. Highly skilled jobs continue to need human workers, and no one seems to be trying to replace highly skilled human workers. Unskilled workers are being replaced in many jobs, and many Americans are okay with that.

The problem is with medium-level skills. Without strong apprenticeship programs, and with Millennials choosing to go to college to get degrees in the humanities that don’t provide skills needed by manufacturers, these abilities are on the wain. They could be learned on the job, observers claim. Manufacturers, however, mostly aren’t providing training.

A new survey gives some dismal figures.

Only 31% of industrial workers get any formal training.

Of that minority that gets training, 43% say it’s ineffective.

To add insult to injury, 90% of workers want their training to be fun. Two thirds want anytime/anywhere online training. Millennials want short training sessions with rewards, too.

So manufacturers, most of whom aren’t currently offering any formal training at all, are almost never providing effective training. Their workers want more and better training. Oh, and it should be short and sweet and fun, with prizes.

Rexroth training

Rexroth, true to its German roots, is very strong in apprenticeships, cooperation with high schools and colleges, and online training programs. As a world leader in motion control, Rexroth makes serious investments in training here and abroad.

This is a good example.

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