Error Code

There is no title on this brief but poignant film, so we’ve titled it “Error Code” in recognition of the deeper meaning.

The drive in the video is calling out for help with an error code, and we see the response of the motor as the camera goes back and forth between the two. The disembodied hand flicking a switch reminds us of the inescapable role of fate in our lives, while the changes in the error code portray the deep inner reactions of the machines, which they show wordlessly throughout the film.

The bold choice to produce this piece with neither dialogue nor music underscores the final existential solitude of all devices in charge of motion control, and the irony of the lack of any motion for the machinery to control is not lost on the viewer.

Seriously, though, the error code can be a great source of frustration. It’s obviously designed to communicate, but those of us who are used to messages like “404: This page cannot be found. We’re sorry for the inconvenience. Please try going back to the home page and starting again” just don’t get a lot of meaning from “A4.”

If you’re using legacy Rexroth motion control, we have the solution: manuals. You can request the manual for any of your Rexroth electrical devices, and you’ll find a handy phrase book that explains what the error codes mean and how to respond to them. It’s a lot more meaningful than “Have you tried turning it off and on again?”

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