Rexroth Error Code F219


Error Code F219 is deceptively simple: your motor, it’s telling you, is overheating. When it reaches too high a temperature, it will stop. Just restarting it won’t fix the problem. You have to actually fix the problem before you reset and restart.

So why is your motor overheating? If your Rexroth legacy servo motor has been humming along happily (as far as you can tell) since Dwayne’s granddad installed it in the 1970s, it’s time to consider how the environment it’s in has changed since that time.

This might seem like a stumper, but here are a few things we’ve seen:

  • The fan stopped running and nobody noticed.
  • The cabinet is full of chips and dust or maybe something unidentifiable that the mice put in there.
  • The building used to be air conditioned and now, thanks to someone’s ill-judged cost reduction idea, it isn’t. Or climate change has just made it a lot hotter than it used to be.
  • The configuration of the system has been changed, and now much more work is required of the motor than before.
  • The cable hasn’t been changed in donkey’s years, and it has broken.

Once you determine what caused the motor to overheat, see whether you can fix it. If the fan quit, get a new blower. If the cabinet is dirty, clean it. If the cable is broken, repair it. If you’re demanding too much power, return the configuration to the way it was before.

If that doesn’t fix the problem, give us a call. We can provide phone support, field support, factory repair or reman, and emergency replacement units. We also have the largest selection of legacy Rexroth replacement parts in the nation.

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