Rexroth Error Code Tricks

If you Google your Rexroth error codes, you may find yourself clicking through to a page that looks a lot like Wikipedia. On this page, you’ll see instructions with screen shots showing how to install Reimage.

Reimage is a Windows optimization tool. It appears to be legitimate software, but it also might be associated with adware and other malware. We don’t know much about Reimage, but we can answer the truly important question:

Will Reimage clear your Rexroth error codes or repair any of the problems that are causing your machinery to throw error messages?


Some Rexroth error codes are problems with your parameters. For example, an error in the parameters set for movements can cause your controller to alert you to the error. Sometimes you need to correct your parameters or reinstall them.

But the cause of an error code might equally be a loose connection or a heat buildup caused by two machines being too close together for proper airflow. It could be a defective cable or a defective drive. You might need a new battery.

No PC program can fix these things.

So what if your error code is actually caused by a problem with the parameters? Could a PC optimization program automatically fix that problem? After all, unlike the issues listed above, this problem might not require opposable thumbs.

Parameter changes usually require a password, often a specific customer password that you ( or some forgotten engineer from the distant pass) set up. In most cases, you have to confirm your intended change several times. This is for your own safety.The object is not just to avoid software that can make automatic changes, but also to avoid your own automatic system, which could cause you to make changes absentmindedly on automatic pilot while you’re thinking about what to have for lunch.

Even if Reimage reinstalls default parameters for your Rexroth machinery, these will not be your parameters for your particular needs. Your machine  will now be a very large paperweight, as far as its functionality goes.

If you are seeing error codes, check your Rexroth manual for the meaning and solution of the error codes. We will be happy to send you a manual for your machine.

If the manual doesn’t solve your problem, call us. As specialists in Rexroth electric drive and control systems, both new and legacy, we can solve your problem.


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