Rexroth IndraMotion Error Codes

One of the challenges with Rexroth motion control systems is that they rarely break down. Since you don’t often get a chance to troubleshoot, chances are good that error codes from Rexroth motion control units will be met with a blank look. Hardly anyone in the average factory can say, “Uh-oh, snake eyes! We’ve got a Snow Crash on our hands!” Nobody has that much experience with error codes. (We’ll tell you the exception at the end of this post.)

IndraMotion error codes have a system, though. They come in a set of classes that tell you roughly where the problem is. This gives you a fighting chance to figure out where the problem might be.

MTX error code classes

  • A serious system error is an internal error that keeps the control unit from working at all. The unit will just shut down until the problem is solved.
  • A minor system error is also an internal error, but it won’t keep the unit from operating. There is definitely a problem and you need to get it fixed, but your control won’t just shut down right away.
  • A servo loop and drive fault is an error in the drive interface.
    • An MMI error is a problem in the Rexroth user interface.
    • An Interface error is an error in the “PROFIBUS-DP”, “Ethernet interface ” or “serial interface” area. Basically, all of these are interface errors, but with different types of interfaces.
  • A hardware error is a problem with a physical part of the drive. Don’t worry about the software at this point.
  • A PLC error is, as you might expect, a problem in the PLC. While many of the newest versions of Rexroth motion control proudly say that they don’t require any PLC, you must fix any problem within your PLC.
  • A parts program error is an error that crops up when the control is processing a parts program.
  • A machine error is a problem with the machine status display. This is a message from the machine manufacturer, and not part of the Rexroth IndraDrive control.

You now know where to look for the problem. But here’s where you need people who can look at the actual error message you receive and tell you what’s wrong.

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