Extreme Motion Control Projects

We proudly specialize in support for legacy Indramat products, but we’re also excited about Rexroth’s newer motion control projects.

One that falls into the “extreme” category is Pieter Schelte, a new Allseas vessel. This behemoth may be put into service by the end of this year.

The vessel is basically a giant catamaran designed to decommission oil rigs in the North Sea and bring them home. The hope is that reclaiming the old platforms will pay off the investment in the ship — few vessels are capable of the sheer brute force required to move those oil rigs.

In fact, some oil companies have talked about leaving their platforms where they are and turning them into hotels or resorts. This is not so much because of the demand for resorts in the North Sea as because moving those platforms is a huge undertaking.

The North Sea is so cold that being in these waters for 30 minutes is a death sentence, so we’re not talking about a tropical paradise.

The Pieter Schelte is capable of lifting 48,000 tons, far more than any veseel currently in service. Economists predict that dealing with obsolete oil rigs will be a $50 billion industry over the next few decades, and Allseas is hoping that having the mightiest vessel around will give them the edge when the demand develops.

This is a hydraulics project, and we work exclusively with electric motion control. Rexroth has half a century of experience in marine and offshore applications, though, so they’re an excellent choice for this project. If you have Indramat or Indradrive components on your mind instead, call us.

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