Fast Production Cycles


Among the major trends in manufacturing: speed. Not the speed of throughput or the speed of an assembly line in particular, but the speed of the production cycle overall.

As consumers and retailers expect more customization, being able to produce large quantities of one object is less desirable in a manufacturer than being able to produce smaller quantities of more objects, faster.

Words like “pivot” and “nimble” get thrown around.

Rexroth makes it easier with the Go To program, which allows you to configure linear motion systems composed of the most popular elements in the order and arrangement you need for a given project.

Once you’ve determined the appropriate configuration — or your designer has — Rexroth delivers it within days. You can download the information for CAD in the most common formats.

There’s also an app for that. And an android version.

The program isn’t new; it’s been around for about six years. However, the company has now increased the number of products included by 200. The lead times are shorter now, with 98% of all Go To products reaching their destination within 10 days and many traveling faster than that. Maximum order numbers are also higher than they used to be.

These changes make the Go To program a good choice for more companies than before. Need help determining your needs or deciding whether the program is good for you? Give us a call.

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