Food Processing and Packaging

food processing

Indramat motion control has many strengths and is used in many industries. There are some special factors in food processing and packaging that bring those strengths to the fore.

The most important issue in food processing is cleanliness. Occasional headlines about contamination with e-coli or salmonella keep the importance of food cleanliness in the public’s mind. Since contamination may take place with bacteria or spores — that is, invisible contaminants — it isn’t enough to rely on human eyes to judge the cleanliness of the processing plant.

Not only must the food be carefully shielded from any kind of contamination, including rust or oil from the plant’s machinery, but the entire line has to be washed with hot water or cleaning chemicals on a regular basis. The cleaning is typically done by washdown, a high-pressure stream of water or cleaning chemicals trained on the machinery. The washdown may take place many times in a day.

The need for cleanliness in food production means that there is a need for machinery that can shine in a washdown environment. Electricity and water don’t mix, and high-pressure water jets aren’t friendly to delicate electronic equipment. Caustic chemicals may also be a routine part of a motor’s environment in a food production facility.

Fortunately, Indramat’s closed motors can withstand the jets of hot water that keep foods safe. Brushless servo motors, since they don’t need maintenance in response to brush wear, can be housed in a closed stainless steel housing that can stand up to the rigors of that environment.

Since Indramat servos are ideal for food processing facilities, you may have some in your plant. Do you have a plan for servicing your servos if they need help? Put our number in your phone right now. Next time you have a question, you’ll be able to find us easily.

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