Freeing the Software of the Future

Rexroth’s electric industrial motion control systems of the 20th century were revolutionary in their day for their modular design and “personality modules.” These early innovations allow you even now to pull a damaged module off the machine and quickly replace it with another.

Downtime is minimized and flexibility is maximized.

Rexroth is taking the concept to the next level. In future machines, programming will be done separately from the machine. Software and hardware will work together as well as ever… but they’ll be separate.

This means that motion control systems can be handled from an ordinary tablet. Machines can do without the control cabinet. Updates take place through integrated control systems. Sensors and camera images send information to the control center or to the appropriate operator, saving time and labor.

Improved interfaces allow operators with no programming knowledge to identify and initiate solutions to problems quickly.

These connections allow greater flexibility and more different configurations. A variety of modules controlled in a variety of ways can work together effectively. A range of computer languages can be used, lessening the need for specialized training.

Smart work stations have app-based controls. Workpieces identify themselves with RFID and trigger the appropriate actions. Work plans are automatically downloaded, with instructions in the workers’ preferred language.

These actions can use a central server or a cloud-based system. Without the restrictions of hardware, the software of the future will be more nimble and more cooperative.

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