Funny Noises from Servos

Are your servos making funny noises? It’s probably not your imagination. We can often hear the problem in a motion control system. You’re welcome to call and let us take a listen.

Funny noises can usually be defined as a sound that’s different from the sound your servo used to make. They can clue us in to anything from improper configuration to oscillation noise. You shouldn’t ignore them.

But our attitude toward noise in manufacturing has changed over time.

In 1795, when Rexroth created the “Hammer from Hell” — a water-driven forge — it was about as noisy as you could get. A water wheel dashed a hammer onto the workpiece at full force over and over and over.

Throughout the 1800s and well into the 1900s, increasing noise signaled power and progress. World War I began the process of identifying loud noise as a health hazard.

In the 1970s, we began to realize that noise pollution is a problem. Too much noise can destroy our hearing. Long before it leads to deafness, though, high levels of noise cause stress that can be physically damaging. Even a 10 decibel increase in ambient noise can cause an increase in high blood pressure, heart disease, and strokes.

Noise can interfere with normal life processes such as sleeping, too. This has its own poor effects on health. Industrial noise is currently the top source of noise pollution in the world. By 1971, Rexroth was working on quieter machinery. Continued innovations help reduce the noise problem even now.

In 2012, Rexroth won awards for the Silenceplus gear pump. The 11th annual John Connell Awards, run by the Noise Abatement Society, gave Rexroth a “Noise Oscar.” Not only was the pump much quieter than previous versions, but it also has a lower pitched noise. Operators can tolerate a low pitched noise longer than a shrill, screechy one.

Rexroth continues to work to improve quality of life as well as quality of drive and control machinery. We support your efforts to improve things in your facility, too. Call us when you need that support.

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