Get to Know the Rexroth Indramat DKS

Indramat DKS Servo Drives are integrated drives, combining power and control in one unit. The official name is “Intelligent Digital Servo Drive.” The drive is connected to the servo motor with a power cable and a feedback cable. Software modules and auxiliary plug-in cards ensure that, if your Indramat DKS drive has to be replaced, you can transfer the software and configurations quickly to the new drive without excessive loss of time or information.

They come in a couple of flavors: DKS 1.1 and DKS 1.2. There is no obvious difference between the two, if you just look at the box. Both come in power ranges from 30A to 100A peak current. The 1.2 version has some heavier components and can use an external capacitor bank, so it was an upgrade.

The System Configuration information label (cleverly labeled “System Configuration”) has the information you need to distinguish which type of DKS you’re dealing with. The first number below that label gives the code for the configured drive, but the second number is the code that tells you exactly what kind of DKS Drive you have. The number will be something like “DKS01.1-W030B-D” or “DKS01.2-W100A-DA01-01-FW.”

Check the list of DKS drives and match your drive to one of the numbers there — it’s easier to find something when you know exactly what you’re looking for.

Having the type code number helps when you need service, or when you want a manual.

We’ll be happy to send you a copy of the manual. We can also provide phone support, factory repair or reman, and emergency replacement units. We have the largest supply of Rexroth electric industrial motion control replacement units in the nation, and charter planes to get them to you fast.

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