Get to Know the Indramat MKD Series Servomotors

Indramat MKD servomotorThe Indramat MKD series of servomotors is a basic workhorse of a motor from Rexroth. Click the link to see all the (many, many) different codes in this series.

Why so many?

First, it’s available in five different rotor diameters:

  • 025
  • 041
  • 071
  • 090
  • 112

Next, it has several other options.

The series comes with and without keyways — special grooves designed to accommodate a key — which ensure that the two parts are lined up correctly. It also comes with and without holding brakes. Holding brakes engage when the electricity is cut off, safely keeping the load in place till power is restored.

There are also single turn and multiturn feedback options, plus multiple rotor winding codes designating the speed of the motor. The MKD series motors can be paired with DDS, DKS, DKC, HDS and HDD series drives.

Do you remember combinatorics from school? With five different rotor diameters multiplied by all those different options, there are naturally a whole lot of MKD servos. Look at the list of MKD possibilities to figure out which one you’ve got, call (479) 422-0390 with the model number, and we can help you with it.

In fact, if you’re having trouble determining which MKD motor you have, feel free to give us a call and we’ll help you decide.

Remember, digital feedback Indramat motors can never be disassembled and reassembled in the field. That means, when you have a problem with one, that your best bet is to replace it as fast as possible. We have the largest selection of emergency replacement units in the country, so we can keep you up and running while your MKD motor is repaired. We offer phone support, field support, factory repair, and reman.  Call (479) 274-8422  to get your MKD motor taken care of right away.

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