Giant Alien Robots in Area 51

Scott C. Waring, a self-described ufologist, has found giant alien robots in Area 51.

You can see them yourself. Type the exact coordinates into Google maps: 37°13’26.26″N 115°49’2.37”W

See right next to the map pin, the outline of a giant alien robot? A military giant alien robot, if you believe Scott C. Waring. You can use the timeline feature to see the robot in different positions.

In all of its positions, the robot appears to be lying on the ground. See the tops of the hangars in the picture? See the robot-like shape next to them, lying on the ground? You can see it over the years in different positions, but in every case looking like a toy robot left on a playroom floor — except much bigger. Like 16 meters tall, roughly 52 feet.

Waring also sees a second giant alien robot to the right, for a total of two giant alien robots.

You can also use the street view feature to see your Google maps avatar flying in a spaceship, which is kind of cool. See it in the bottom right corner of the screenshot below.

giant alien robots

Alien technology

Waring speculates that these giant alien robots were built using “alien technology.”

That’s all he has to say on the subject.

If the government has a 52 foot robot and can’t figure out how to make it stand up, but instead has spent more than a decade posing it in various restful positions, we think they need to make some changes in their motion control systems.

We recommend Rexroth drive and control systems, since they have worked on massive projects like the Panama Canal.

If Waring is correct, the humanoid robot could imply humanoid aliens.

Military use

Waring also claims that the robots he sees are for military use. In his video, he says that one picture shows the robot looking “ready to fight.”

Still lying on the ground, of course, so maybe it looks ready to spring up and fight.

There its no more evidence for the idea that the U.S. government is planning military use of the robots than that the robots use alien technology.


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