Giant Armed Robots

Donetsk, in the Ukraine, is sporting giant armed robots right now — on the other side of town from Russian tanks.

They may be intimidating, but they’re not really war robots.

Instead, they are the creations of workers at a local auto shop. With friends, they used leftover car parts and waste metal to build enormous 2 and 4 ton replicas of cartoon Transformers.

Their eventual plan is to make a robot themed engineering park someday.

Or, some online forums suggest, to advertise the car repair shop where they work.

Are they robots?

If it looks like a robot… but doesn’t move like a robot, then it is not a robot. It’s a mech, a toy, or an art installation. Robots are defined by their functionality.

However, the makers hope that their planned park will teach people about robots and recycling.

Gennadyi Sizonov, a 57 year old sculptor, told reporters that he saw the car parts along the side of the road, looking as though they were designed to become robots.

More have sprung up in the past few years.

Recycling is better than killer robots

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