Giant Robots Battle to the Death


What’s new in industrial motion control? Increased safety measures, environmental responsibility, new advances in 3D printing, new applications for modular design… You know, the usual.

But what’s new with robots in general? There’s something a little different going on there.

U.S. robotics firm MegaBots challenged a Japanese giant robot to a duel. They raised $500,000 at Kickstarter to construct and equip their giant battle bot.  Now you can subscribe to their YouTube channel to see the process in detail… and the battle to the death, too.

Check out Episode I below to get up to speed.

They present some pretty stout ideas on how to destroy a giant robot. They also delve into some interesting questions and speculations. Questions include, “How do you make sure your giant robot can take a cannonball in the face?”

But there are also serious questions about safety.

You’ll be reminded of Mythbusters, but this is not just speculation about fictional events and urban legends. The people making efforts to destroy their giant robot are the same ones who’ve challenged a Japanese giant robot to a duel. Their design involves a human operator who will sit in the giant robot like a guy operating a crane. They seem fairly cavalier about the safety of the operator, frankly.

People who challenge foreign robots to duels probably aren’t cautious types in the first place.

See what you think about their plans for the giant robot. The production quality of the video is good, so you might want to subscribe and follow the exciting progress toward the great confrontation with the Japanese robot.

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