Google Glass for Manufacturing


Google Glass had some issues with its first version. People complained about the fact that users could secretly film and record people around them.

People might have to get used to that, actually. It looks like they’re taking a selfie, but that phone next to you could totally be capturing the industry gossip you’re sharing over lunch, just like in spy movies.

People also complained that users looked silly while using the device. With one thing and another, Google Glass was banned from a number of public places.

Google went back to the drawing board. The public space might not be ready for Google glass, but manufacturers are. Many facilities are already using mobile devices on the production floor, whether the IT department likes it or not. The new version of Google Glass, which can clip to users’ glasses, gives greater flexibility for operators.

A new consumer version of Google Glass may be rolled out next year, but specialized versions for manufacturing are being created and implemented now. It doesn’t matter how silly you look while wearing them, and industrial espionage is a known issue in manufacturing, so security measures will be in place… or at least more security measures than you find in your local nightclub.

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