Great Moments in Automation (Movie Versions)

Automation is great in real life, but it’s even better in movies, where no one has to worry about plausibility and there are props managers to clean up the mess. These  favorite movie automation scenes focus on conveyor belts.

Perhaps the most memorable of all, the great I Love Lucy conveyor belt scene. This of course predates Indramat’s brushless servo motors, so the bellowing of “Let ‘er roll!” and “Speed it up!” provide much of the drama.

Conveyor belts have been popular movie automation devices since the introduction of the Evil Mastermind in films. The dashing hero or plucky heroine had only to be attached to the conveyor belt at one end and a rotating blade or something affixed to the other end. This is practically the definition of “suspense.”

Check out Jackie Chan in this more modern factory setting (what the heck were they making there?):

This most recent version in Serving Sara may  be less suspenseful, but it’s still action-packed:

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