Growing Automate 2015 Show Illustrates Growing Interest in Automation

Automation Circle Stripes

The Association for Advanced Automation (A3) announced that the new and returning exhibits of the Automate 2015 show have already secured over 150% of exhibit floor space compared to the last show in 2013. The event was recently named one of the “Top 10 Manufacturing Shows” in the United States.

Industrial automation is rapidly growing with new ideas and technology. As A3 president Jeff Burnstein said, “The growth of Automate 2015 reflects the enthusiasm and advancement around automation technology. Automate 2015 provides suppliers, distributors, integrators, and end users an avenue for making connections, learning about new technology, discussing challenges and discovering automation solutions and opportunities.”

The show, which takes place March 23rd-26th in 2015 in Chicago, is only the start. The event also includes a conference featuring the 46th International Symposium on Robotics that includes classes taught by experienced industry professionals. Topics will cover issues in robotics, motion control, vision and imaging, and related automation segments. Attendees looking for a basic understanding of automation are welcome, while professionals in the field can take specialized classes suited to their level of expertise that can be brought back to the workplace.

If you or someone you know is interested in attending the event, information about the show can be found at

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