Growth in Servo Sector



A new study by Markets and Markets concluded that the servomotors and drives market is estimated to grow at a rapid rate in the coming years. Estimates put growth at 17.2 million units and $10.43 billion by 2018. Where is all this growth coming from? The predictions put the attention on automotive and  transportation, semiconductors and electronics, and material handling. These three industries are particularly reliant on servomotor use.

Automotive & Transportation

Bosch made magnetos and spark plugs for cars in the early days of the horseless carriage, and they’ve continue to be important in the automotive industry where servos allow workers to make cars with more accuracy and efficiency than before. Robotic arms controlled by servomotors are part of the future for the automotive industry as they look towards alternatives to the heavier metals used in today’s cars.

As economy and environmental standards increase in the automotive industry, the use of servos to manufacture cars that can meet these requirements will increase, too. Reduction of user error and human safety are also enormous issues in the automotive industry — issues that automation can help with.

Semiconductors & Electronics

More technology means more manufacturing—but it doesn’t necessarily mean more worker hours. As wages rise around the world, automation becomes a more cost-effective option that offshoring for many manufacturers.  In the semiconductor and electronics fields in particular, the precision of automation is a plus. These fields continue to be major consumers of servo technology, and that’s likely to continue.

Materials Handling

Workplaces are trying to become as safe as possible as more regulations are put in place and consumer awareness increases. One of the advantages of servos is the ability to handle dangerous substances without negatively impacting human health. Materials handling with machinery is already pivotal and will only grow.

We’re already seeing industries growing servo use now, which means servos are moving from one type of use to another when they’re bought, sold, and traded. If you buy a used Indramat or Rexroth servo and need repairs, give us a call.

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