Happy Labor Day


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This is the day to rest, play, and celebrate the American worker.

It was in the 1880s that it began to occur to Americans that there was plenty of celebration of presidents and honor given to inventors, investors, and the captains of industry, but there was no day acknowledging the part that the American worker played in creating the high standard of living enjoyed in the United States.

Matthew Maguire, a machinist, was by most account the initiator of Labor Day. Some accounts credit Peter Maguire, a carpenter. Either way, we know it was a working man who came up with the idea.

Labor Day was initially observed with a parade showing off the labor organizations of a city, but now we are just as inclined to have a cookout or visit relatives.

That doesn’t lessen the value of the day or the worker. Enjoy your Labor Day. You can still call us if you need some Indramat support on this day; otherwise, relax and we’ll see you when we all get back to work.


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