Happy Pi Day!

raspberry-pi-byosde8infoHappy Pi Day from all of us to all of you!

What will you do for Pi Day? We recommend singing traditional Pi Day carols, irritating friends and family by showing off how many digits of pi you can recite, maybe eating some pi(e)… or why not have a Raspberry Pi Bake Off?

Strictly speaking, a Raspberry Pi Bake Off  is a competition showcasing  projects made with the single-board computers, but you could certainly build something at home with your family in honor of Pi Day.

San Francisco’s science museum, The Exploratorium, claims to have created Pi Day, or at least to have hosted the first large-scale celebration. Their celebration centers around pie, both pizza pie and desserts, and you can join them in Second Life if you’re not in town on the big day.

You can send Pi Day ecards to friends, too.

If for some reason you have to be at work today, keep your festive mood. And if your Indramat or Rexroth motion control devices give you trouble, give us a call.

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