Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s a 2020 Thanksgiving! The Centers for Disease Control say we should stay home this year and celebrate with our own households. For some of us that can mean celebrating alone or with a whole bunch of children.

Do you want to spend the typical five to ten hours or prep time to make turkey dinner for one…or for a bunch of toddlers who totally will not appreciate your famous oyster dressing?

Automate your holiday

We don’t really mean you should program your industrial robots to prepare and serve your meal. But why not take advantage of some helpers?

  • Outsource the cooking. Local restaurants and grocery stores will appreciate the opportunity to cook for you. Enjoy the process of searching for the most delicious meal, and order it by phone or online.
  • Get your food delivered. Local places or restaurant delivery services will be happy to bring the food to your door. National services like Blue Apron will bring the ingredients if you want to do your own cooking. The key is to have the food show up on your doorstep in plenty of time.
  • Bring out the appliances. Slow cookers, chafing dishes, warming tables, and microwaves should take pride of place. When the food is ready, put it into the appliances and let the appliances keep everything at the right temperature while you relax.
  • Dispose of the dishes. The Centers for Disease Control say we should all use disposable dishes this year. Stack heavy-duty paper plates and napkins near the food before the meal. After the meal, don some disposable gloves and gather up all the disposables in a garbage bag. Toss the bag and you’re done.

However you handle this year’s turkey dinner, we wish you a joyful holiday!

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