Heat Wave

hell_by_pitagoras_dlrknAs we head into the dog days, we need to be aware of heat. Actually, we can’t help being aware of heat. On the factory floor, workers swelter and the sound of giant fans is ever-present. It can get a bit hellish in some industrial settings, when you get right down to it.

It affects the machinery, too. Brushless motors like Indramat servos are better at dissipating heat, but they’re still subject to heat-related failures.

Your servo has a fan on it, typically on the underside. It’s worth checking — is the fan still running? Catching and fixing this small issue can keep you from having larger issues in the future.

Another maintenance step worth taking when it gets hot is the sealed, air conditioned cabinet. Sure, it would be nice to air condition the whole factory floor, but that’s probably not going to happen. We see workers with damp bandanas wrapped around their necks so the combination of the air from the fans and the cool water will cool them.

That’s not going to work for your servos.

Leaving the cabinets open to the air won’t do much, either. Air flow within the cabinet is insignificant and the ambient temperature is just too high for the machinery. You’ll let in dust, but you won’t cool the air. Invest in an air conditioned cabinet for your servo and you’ll keep it running much longer.

If worse comes to worst, call us and we’ll get you up and running faster than you’d expect — even during the dog days.

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