Hermes Award for Innovation and Servos

iphone-servo-by- GONZALO BAEZA

At this year’s Hannover Messe, the leading trade fair for industrial technology, Rexroth was awarded the Hermes Award for Innovation because of their work with PLC and IT through the Open Core Engineering program. The idea behind Open Core Engineering is that flexibility of language and platform while still meeting standards can drive innovation fast enough to meet market demands, instead of slowly adapting to change. Rexroth designed a new software program that allows native cross platform use of a variety of languages, with modules to speed workflow. This new system makes it possible for smart devices to communicate with servos and hydraulic motors.

Open Core Engineering allows for remote maintenance of industrial technology through smart phones and tablets using native apps. In the future, you might well be able to control your plant floor from your pocket, thanks to Open Core Engineering.

This innovation should be welcome throughout the industry. Read more.

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