HMI or PC?

It’s like something out of a movie — the intense-looking individual strides into the room, makes magician-like movements in the general direction of some snazzy screens apparently made of smoked glass, and something whirrs into action. The guy nods approvingly or adjusts something to show that he and not the machine is the boss.

Actually, it’s more like something out of the election coverage now, or possibly out of your local factory or printing company. Human Machine Interface is becoming an increasingly appealing alternative to PC control of machinery.

We admire it.

We also recognize that you’re not actually going to fight crime or even surf the web with the gear you use to control your machinery in the packaging plant. Upgrading for the sake of HMI is kind of like buying a new car to get the newest style of cupholder.

If you need a new car, go for it. And enjoy the cupholders. If it’s time to upgrade, enjoy the cool new controls.

Meanwhile, keep your eye on the new options. By the time you actually need them, they’ll be much cooler than they are now.


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