How Smart Does Your Factory Need to Be?

One visitor to the Rexroth Factory of the Future demonstration was a little bit bemused by the smart drill press. A drill press, he clearly felt, doesn’t need to be all that smart.

But after going through the full experience, he had a different takeaway.

“The drill press demonstration drove home the point that with the power and lower cost of technology, any asset on the plant floor can be made more intelligent to improve productivity, quality, and maintenance.”

A drill press with MEMS (Micro-ElectroMechanical Systems) sensors is a drill press that can tell you how healthy it is and whether it’s got some maintenance needs coming up.

You probably don’t need your drill press to play World of Warcraft with you, but getting information about how it functions can make a big difference to your facility.

Get connected

In fact, the first step toward making your factory smarter should not be new machinery. It should be adding sensors and getting your current machinery to communicate. Using the data you collect to increase efficiency and reduce downtime can then lead you toward the most efficient strategy for upping intelligence across your operations.

Only by gathering all the data in shareable formats and analyzing the data in useful ways can you really move toward a smart factory.

The World Economic Forum tells us that machine monitoring has already reduced machine breakdowns by more than 60%. Sensors allow us to identify patterns leading to breakdowns and to head them off at the pass.

You can even get insights into how operators use machinery, and incorporate human insights into the data you collect from your machines.

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