Human Machine Interface 4.0

Bosch Packaging is a specialized part of the the Bosch Rexroth empire. At PACK EXPO International, they presented their new Human Machine Interface 4.0.

HMI 4.0 has some significant advantages and improvements over earlier interfaces. It has guided workflows, for example, which take operators step by step through the production process, including machine cleaning and maintenance. The specific role of a user can be specified, so that only the steps that individual takes will show up on the screen.

This clearly helps with the training issues modern manufacturers face. Having a reference immediately available at the work site means less oversight is required, fewer errors will be made, and workers will become more comfortable and reliable in a shorter time.

Another way that this interface helps with training is the familiar format. It’s much like a smartphone screen, with touchscreen functions operated with familiar gestures like touching, swiping, pinching, and pulling. Machine operators around the world were interviewed to determine the features that would really make things easy for the operators, and those lessons have been incorporated into the new HMI.

We’ve seen in Rexroth’s Industry 4.0 installations that it’s possible for the interface to use RFID tagging on employee badges to recognize the human user’s best language or their role in the workflow. Presumably this type of feature will show up in the HMI. It also connects with other machinery and other parts of the supply chain.

While many of Rexroth’s Industry 4.0 innovations are still in development and demonstration, HMI 4.0 is already in place for some customers. Retrofitting is an option, too.

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