HVE vs. HVR Power Supply Modules

Rexroth DIAX04 power supply modules come in two flavors: HVE and HVR.

What’s the difference?

There are several important differences. Here’s one:

HVE power supply units provide an unregulated DC bus voltage.

HVR power supply units provide a regulated DC bus voltage.

Unregulated DC bus voltage depends on the voltage used. Regulated voltage means that drive dynamics do not drop, even with undervoltage.

Here’s another:

HVE power supply units can run in generator mode. The regenerated energy dissipates as heat through a bleeder resistor.

HVR power supply units regenerate energy back into the mains when they run in generator mode.

In both cases, these actions keep you safe from excessive electric power. Regenerating energy back into the mains allows the power supply to run longer in case of a temporary power outage. Use of a bleeder resistor doesn’t have this advantage, but it prevents arcing.

In addition to the safety value, having a mechanism for dissipating excess electricity reduces the chances of damaging the machinery.

This applies not only to your power supply modules but also to your drive, control, and servo motors.

These power supply modules can handle multiple drives and motors. However, you must make sure that the power supply you choose is sufficient to consume the total amount of power regenerated in generator mode if all the drives brake at once. While this is unlikely to happen, it sets the requirements for your power supply.

Bear in mind, too, that higher than recommended ambient temperatures and higher than recommended altitudes will also add to the peak power usage. If you plan to use either HVE or HVR power supply modules in extreme conditions, plan on adding extra capacitators.


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