Identifying Your Indramat Model


Our typical caller — and that number is (479) 422-0390, in case you need us right now — our typical caller is a manager who is looking at a metal box, maybe with some smoke coming out of it. It says “Indramat” on it, and that’s usually just about all that typical caller can tell us.

We can usually provide a new or remanufactured electrical drive, control, or motor of just the right kind. We can almost always provide repair service. But first you have to figure out what you’ve got.

In some cases, it’s easy to see the difference between similar parts if you know. For example, the CLM 1.4 control is gray, while all the earlier CLM controls are brown. If you have a feeling that you’re dealing with a CLM control, that one little piece of information is all you need to get started with a positive identification.

Tougher cases

On the other hand, DDS 2.1 and DDS 2.2 are completely identical on the outside. The difference is in the firmware, something you can’t see from the outside at all.

Whichever hand you’re looking at, you’re best off with some numbers. In the example above, you can see “DKC06.3-200-7-FW” on the nameplate. This is the kind of model number you’re looking for.

Usually, Rexroth legacy products begin with three letters and carry on with a long string of numbers. Once you find the letters, you can go to the appropriate parts page on this website to find the specific numbers to hunt for.

Do you have a problem with a servo motor? Use our Motors drop down menu to find the (mostly) 3-letter codes. Take a gander at the metal nameplate on your motor and find the code. If you’re looking at MAC, visit our MAC page to find the model numbers. Confirm the model number on your motor, and give us a call.

We usually have a full selection of new or factory remanufactured parts on the shelf, and we can get your needed module to you as fast as you need it, by aircraft charter to your door if necessary.

First, though, give us a call at (479) 422-0390. We can often provide support by phone.

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Factory Repair services available with 24 hour turnaround.

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