Indramat Controls, Troubleshooting, and Batteries

Have you ever had one of those special cars? The door doesn’t open when it’s cold, and when it’s hot the trunk won’t stay up when you open it. You have to turn the key just the right way to make it start, and the window needs to be pulled up manually from the top when you roll it up, or else it starts going crooked and will never get a good seal at the top. It also stalls if you stop on a rainy day, so you just have to coast through stops in damp weather, and it needs some momentum to get up hills…

The owners of cars like these are very attuned to the performance of their cars. They know all their little moods. They pay a lot of attention when they drive. They baby the cars. They listen closely to the engine and sniff the air sometimes when they drive.

People with a reliable car don’t behave in the same way. They don’t think much about their cars, sometimes, and they certainly don’t shush all the passengers so they can listen to the vibrations.

So it is with the Indramat CLM controls. They never give you trouble, so you can mostly ignore them. You don’t do much troubleshooting with them, so most people just flat do ignore them, and that’s usually fine.

Except for one thing.

These controls use batteries. If you forget to change the batteries, you can end up with problems. Then, since you so rarely have any problems at all, you don’t know where to start with your troubleshooting. You shut things down, worry about the firmware, panic, try to find the manual and realize that it perished long ago…

Check the battery. If you had remembered that, you wouldn’t be having this problem, but it’s still not too late. And if you’re not having the problem yet, why not go change the battery now? It’s been a while…

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