Incorrect Personality Module?

personality module

One of the special features of Indramat servomotors is the “Personality Module,” known in Europe as a programming module. The Personality Module is programmed with the settings that ensure compatibility between the servo amplifier and the motor.

These Personality Modules make configuration easy. When you replace an Indramat drive, you can just pull the Personality Module out of the old drive and pop it into the new one. It’s ready to go.

What happens if you have the wrong Personality Module? Here’s a sampling of possible results:

  • irregular feed
  • overshoot during positioning
  • drive doesn’t follow commands

In other words, plenty of serious problems.

Since Personality Modules are a special Indramat feature, it might not occur to you when you’re troubleshooting. But they are the key to success with Indramat drives.

Personality Modules are pre-programmed, but they are also programmable. They’re designed to eliminate the need for individual tuning, though, so the best plan if you simply have the wrong Personality Module is to get the right one.

If you’ve bought your equipment used, check the Personality Module before you give up on the drive or motor. Not sure how to check it? Give us a call.

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