Increased Uptime between Error Codes?

guinea-pig-servomotor-by-Christopher Schirner

You’ll see assurances from some servo repair shops that increased uptime between error codes is their goal. Sometimes they specify “increased mean uptime.”

Is that your goal? Increased mean uptime between error codes?

This means they anticipate that your servomotor will fail again soon and they’re just hoping to extend the time between failures. Not necessarily your actual uptime, but the average uptime between errors.

How much time do you want between failures?

We see Indramat units that have been running for thirty years with no problems. Sometimes the engineers who call us for repairs have never even heard of Indramat before they open the cabinet and see that word on the label of their servo.

So increased mean uptime sounds like a pretty wimpy goal to us.

If you had two weeks between your last couple of errors and you get three weeks, that is an improvement. But it’s not the kind of improvement you should expect with Rexroth components.

The anticipated lifetime of a Rexroth servo is ten years. We often hear from clients who have had their servos in place for twenty or thirty years — long past the anticipated lifetime. That’s what we want to see.

In fact, one of the problems with Rexroth motion control is that it so rarely breaks down that your engineers don’t get any practice troubleshooting it. They may never have looked inside the cabinet, and the component that gives you trouble may have been in your facility much longer than your engineers have.

Factory repair or reman

Rexroth motion control systems last a long time without problems. When you have a problem, we can help. We don’t cobble something together temporarily, though. We provide factory repair.

Because our repairs are always done at the factory, there’s no difference between the unit we send you and a new unit. We don’t do ad hoc repairs with scavenged parts or workarounds. So we’re ready to offer reliable service. That sounds like a better goal to us.

Why not be bold? You have nothing to lose… unless downtime sounds like something you want to hold onto.

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