Indradrive Control of Third-Party Motors

Can your IndraDrive Control work with third-party motors? The answer is yes, but be careful.

Many factories use Rexroth modules from different time depths together. With careful configuration, there’s no reason to update all your machinery when you update one piece. Retrofitting legacy units with new sensors can breathe new life into older machinery. Reman brings your modules back into like-new condition, with new warranties in most cases.

But sometimes a machine maker creates a specific machine for your specific needs, using another type of servo motor. If you already use IndraDrive Controls, can you make them work with third-party motors, or will you have to add a third-party control? In general, you can keep using your IndraDrive control.

Which types of motors can be used with the IndraDrive control?

  • •  Asynchronous motors, either rotary or linear
  • •  Synchronous motors, either rotary or linear

Third-party motors can only be used if they meet certain requirements.

First, it’s essential that the motor have the required voltage loads and suitable motor power. Make sure by checking the output variables of the drive controller, the cable parameter, and the motor design regarding capacitive and inductive properties.

Next, make sure that the motor has a temperature sensor so the control can measure the temperature and guard against overheating. The motor and the control should also have compatible ambient temperature requirements. And of course you will want to make sure that no dirt or debris get into the motor, since this can lead to overheating or slower cooling.

Whatever hardware you choose, make sure that you don’t make structural changes to your Rexroth components or use them in ways that were not intended by the manufacturer. Doing this can endanger both the machinery and the operators.

For the same reason, be sure to follow the installation instructions in the manual. If you no longer have the manual for your Rexroth components, we will be happy to send you one. Just fill out our simple manual request form.

Bottom line, don’t get too creative. Make sure that the motor and the control are compatible, connect them without jerry-rigging, and if you start thinking, “It’s so crazy it just might work” — stop.

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