Indradrive Error E2061

There are so many Indradrive error messages that you probably can’t memorize them all — especially since Rexroth doesn’t break down enough to give you much experience with any of those codes. E2061 might be worth memorizing, though.

E2061 is the prewarning for device overload. It means that the load for the drive has exceeded the threshold. This is the equivalent of your buddy saying, “Dude, this is too heavy! I’m gonna drop it!” just before he drops the box on your toe.

In other words, this is not an error code you can ignore and look up later.

Consequences of E2061

Your Indradrive component will not drop something on your toe. Rather, the force or torque will be reduced. This is not desirable in a factory environment. You’ll get a message at that point with the error code E8057. That’s the one that tells you that the machine is overheating.

E2061, in other words, is the pre-warning that lets you handle the problem appropriately so you can avoid the more serious problems that will come your way if you allow the machine to slide on into the E8057 situation.

Turn off the drive when you see this message, and let it cool down.

Avoiding a repeat of the error

If you’ve had the drive in question in service for a long time, check to see what has changed. It might be in a position with more friction, or it might be working harder or under more difficult conditions than when it was first placed in service. Check your error manual for information on ambient temperature requirements and other circumstances that might have changed since the drive was first installed.

If you’re still not sure what you need to do to solve the problem, give us a call. We specialize in Rexroth electric motion control, from the Indramat machines of the 20th century to the latest Indradrive technology.

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