Indradrive Error Messages


The Indradrive is a generational jump for Rexroth Electric Drives and Controls, and there are distinct differences between Indradrive and Indramat. One of the differences is the much greater number of error messages available to Indradrive, and the corresponding higher granularity of initial troubleshooting available.

While the older series drives had a 4 digit (or less) alphanumeric error code that would show up on the H1 display, the Indradrive series has a 5 digit display. Some of the old favorites are still here (bb still means Drive Healthy), but there are a whole wealth of new error codes available.

New codes

F9xxx – Fatal System Errors

Watchdog triggers, Processor crash, firmware corruption are all in F9xxx. If you get an F9xxx, it’s probably about to be a bad day

F8xxx – Fatal Errors

Errors that preclude continued operation of the drive, but which might not signify a major hardware fault. Our old friend F822 falls into this category, but is now sporting a new 0 to move up to 5 digits (F8022 now).

F7xxx – Safety Technology Errors

These errors have to do with the new Safety Tech available on the drives. In systems that have been operating for a long period (not in startup), these may point to a problem in the wiring, not in the drive. Care should be taken in troubleshooting.

F6xxx – Travel Range Errors

Trying to run off the end of the rails. These errors have to do with either hitting a physical End of Travel limit switch or ordering a move that goes outside of the parameterized range of travel. Typically these are an easy fix, although there can be some wrinkles.

F4xxx – Interface Errors

A better title for these errors would be Control Interface Errors. With one exception, these errors all have to do with external control signals not meeting the requirements of the drives (double MDT or MST failures, Communication buss failures). The exception is not really a failure, but a state, F4034, which the experienced user will note is the old Emergency Stop (F434) with an additional 0.

F3xxx – Non-Fatal Safety Technology Errors

Again, not the best title. These errors will stop the drives, but allow you a different reaction to be set up than the F7xxx. Several of these errors will require replacement of the control section, but further reference to individual errors is required.

F2xxx – Non Fatal Errors

These are all of the errors that don’t directly have to do with the drive operation. Motor overtemp, Drive overtemp, problems with accel/decal and most other general problems fall into this group.


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