IndraDrive Safety

Rexroth has been making the best industrial motion control solutions on the planet for many years. Legacy Rexroth electric servo motors, drives, and controls are still serving factories across the nation, often running perfectly for decades with little or no maintenance. We work with these legacy systems, keeping them in trim with factory repair and reman.

But there are some real advantages associated with the newer Rexroth Indradrive systems. One is Safety on Board, a built-in safety system that relies on the machine, rather than on the operator. With human error under control, the level of safety for both the operator and the machine is significantly increased.

Safety on Board

Safety on Board is integrated into the IndraDrive system, making it less likely that safety devices will be manipulated by human operators, even when they’re under time pressure. The machinery is safety certified right out of the box, reducing compliance time and effort in your facility.

What’s more, Safe Motion goes beyond Safe Stop. 20th century Rexroth electric drive and control systems have automatic safe stop functionality, but IndraDrive adds Safe Motion options, allowing operators more flexibility and reducing down time. Operators can work on or in a machine without going through the entire shut down and start up process. Not only does this reduce the downtime required for stopping and starting machines, but it reduces the temptation operators sometimes feel to try to game the system by avoiding necessary shut down.

It’s not just the motors. Doors, communication systems, and more are integrated into the Safety on Board system. When sensors identify a safety issue, the system can respond in two milliseconds. Essential components like brakes and holding systems have two separate, independent, redundant systems for maximum safety.



SafeLogic adds another level of assurance by allowing you to program safety controls for your specific needs as well. Safety programming uses the same tools — IndaWorks — but are separate from other parameters. this means that the safety controls won’t malfunction even if the rest of the system does. SafeLogic allows communication with peripherals, too.

If you’re considering an upgrade to your Rexroth motion control system, Safety on Board might be a good reason to go for it. But that doesn’t mean you have to upgrade your entire system. Safety on Board is designed to work with a wide range of machinery. Contact us today to discuss your needs.

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