Indramat Error Code F643

Not that F643.

The F643 error code on an Indramat drive indicates that there is an issue with the travel switch. This could indicate that the switch is not properly installed or connected, or that it is malfunctioning. You will need to consult the drive and control manual for troubleshooting instructions, or to contact a qualified technician for assistance.

Where can you find a manual?

This is often the first horrible thought you face when you realize that the Indramat drive, which has been chugging along just fine for twenty or thirty years, has stopped and is displaying an error message. The manual was put in a safe place back before you were born and nobody now has the first idea where it is.

Fortunately, we can help. Request a manual, and we will send it to you. There. Now you can relax.

What the manual says

Here’s what the manual says on the subject of error code F643:

F643 Positive travel limit switch detected
The positive travel limit switch has been encountered. The axis has been brought to a standstill with the “Set velocity command value to zero” error response.
Bit 2 of parameter P-0-0090, Travel limit parameter is set for “Exceeding travel range as error”, or a drive control command has been started (such as the drive-controlled homing procedure) with the limit switch already actuated.
The positive travel limit switch is detected.
1. Reset the error.
2. Turn the power supply on again.
3. Move the axis into the permissible travel range.

The F643 error code on a Indramat drive and control system indicates a problem with the travel switch. This could mean that the switch is faulty or out of calibration, or it could be a wiring issue. If possible, try recalibrating the switch and checking the wiring connections. If that doesn’t solve the problem, then the switch may need to be replaced.

If you still need help

If tis doesn’t solve the problem for you, then you need Rexroth experts to help. Your drive can be factory repaired or remanufactured and returned to you as good as new, with a new warranty.

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