Indramat Error Messages

dog-barking-by-misshappinessHave an error message on your Indramat servo but don’t know what to do? The first step is to find out if a quick response is required.

Some error messages are immediate warnings that tell you something is wrong that needs to be taken care that minute of to prevent the servo from having to shut down. Other error messages are less pressing but still need to be resolved routinely.

How can you know the difference?

Manuals are a great place to start. They act as a guide to interpreting your servo’s error codes. We have manuals we can send to you if you don’t have one so be sure to request a manual if yours has gone missing. The error codes are typically standard across Indramat servos but there can be a few variations across models so trying to Google a code isn’t always the best idea.

Error codes happen because the servo is trying to tell you something important—it’s the only way a servo can communicate with us about what it needs. Think of the way your dog communicates with you through a series of barks, whines, and meaningful gazes. Some messages are about things the dog wants, like going for a walk or playing with a ball, and other doggie messages express immediate needs that impact the dog’s wellbeing at that moment, like needing to go outside or eat. Different error codes act as different levels of warning. None of them means that your motion control wants to go for a walk, but they can mean that it’s not going to play ball with you when you want it to do something.

Don’t know what an error code means or how to solve the problem? Call us and we can help walk you through how to fix an error code and to resolve the underlying issue.

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