Indramat a “Pearl”


The Main Post, a German newspaper, wrote recently about the 25th anniversary of the Indramat plant in Lohr am Main, a town in Bavaria. The former prime minister of Bavaria, Franz Josef Strauss, flew in by helicopter and shared his reminiscences.

Turns out the 1965 Indramat plant was housed in an old laundry and employed four people. They were focusing on electro-hydraulic motion control solutions at the time, but in 1979 Indramat introduced the brushless AC servo motor. This was, the article reports, a turning point for the company and for the town.

When Rexroth Bosch, a hydraulics-focused firm at the time, joined forces with Indramat, Indramat’s focus turned entirely to electric drives and controls. By 1986, a new plant in Lohr employed 750 people, and by the time of the 25th anniversary there were 1500 workers.

Strauss, the guest of honor at the anniversary celebration, recalled that the town had been very cooperative with the company, foreseeing future jobs for the residents of the town — accurately, as it turned out.

The current plant, a state of the art facility, includes a gallery of paintings which originally featured works by Bavarian masters from the region around Lohr. Now the collection has expanded to include other works as well. This collection probably adds to the pearl-like nature of the plant.

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