IndraMotion MTX CNC Updates


There’s a new IndraMotion MTX CNC in town. We’ve written before about a couple of hefty trends in industrial motion control: Industry 4.0 or the Industrial Internet of Things, and the desire for greater precision with a smaller footprint. The latest generation of IndraMotion MTX CNC solutions is ready for both.

New demands require more axes, and IndraMotion MTX CNC now can control up to 250 axes with one piece of hardware.

The IndraMotion MTX CNC is ready for vertical and horizontal integration, and is pre-programmed for multiple functions such as milling, turning, and grinding. Since it’s using the Rexroth Open Core software, users have a high level of versatility immediately available.

IndraMotion MTX CNC is also an economical option. Since it can be customized for specific needs, you don’t have to buy more capacity than you need.

IndraMotion MTX CNC includes simulation software for both traditional and additive or 3-D manufacturing. This means you can foresee collisions or or problems in a set up before setting it up. Reducing the “oops!” speeds up implementation significantly.

If you’re ready to upgrade, we can facilitate the process. If you’re happy with your legacy Rexroth machinery, we can keep it running beautifully.

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