Operator Guidance System

What if you could provide your machine operators and production line workers with step by step instructions showing the components, tools, and processes they need to use along the production line? With Rexroth’s Operator Guidance System (OGS), you can.

OGS is a low-cost but highly flexible tool. It’s a Windows app suited to a basic PC. It shows every step of the process, records completion, and saves the entire action sequence for sign-off or later documentation needs.

Skilled production line work can involve expert workers, who may use somewhat different processes because their years of experience have led them to idiosyncratic variations in their workflow.

At the same time, there’s a lot of room for human error when a less skilled worker tries the same task. The result can be an unacceptable level of variation in process and results. The automation surrounding the human actions will be precise and uniform, but the human variations may introduce error and inconsistency.

OGS limits this imprecision. It also allows flexibility in worker assignments, since you can expect greater uniformity from your team members with the help of the system.

Training costs are reduced and time required for training new workers is lessened. Since workers have access to clear visual instructions at all times, they can develop expertise more gradually with less waste. Safety is increased, and worker satisfaction improves through mastery.

The system was originally developed for Triumph motorcycle makers. It earned recognition in the Technical Innovation of the Year category of the Motion Control Industry Awards.

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