Industrial Security

Industrial security is top of mind these days. As the Industrial Internet of Things connects more machinery, there are more opportunities for insecurity — or are there?

There are two different kinds of security issues. One is the malicious hacker, the industrial spy, the saboteur. Realistically, it’s hard to stop someone with skills who is really determined to get past your security. If they’re determined enough and have enough time, they can probably come up with some way in. This has been the underlying theme of many a good movie, and it’s true in our lives and in our work as well.

The more common security problem

The other kind of security issue is more about carelessness than anything else. Which of these common security errors do you see in your plant?

  • People use the same passwords for years — often using the same password at work and play, for everything that requires a password.
  • People leave computers without logging out, possibly with sensitive information on an open tab.
  • People prop open a door that is designed to lock automatically.
  • People leave copies of documents on desks, in open brief cases, or displayed on screens while they grab a cup of coffee.
  • Lots of people are given access, for convenience, to areas and information that is theoretically only available to a few.
  • People often share credentials.

Just as burglary is a crime of opportunity, and most robbers will skip the hard targets for an easy one, industrial security that’s known to be lax is an invitation for trouble.


Persuading people to prioritize security is the toughest but most effective step. An informational meeting, a heart to heart with a known security slacker, or a set of firm policies can help.

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